The Newest Type of Piano – The TransAcoustic by Yamaha

Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano Review – David Pogue, Yahoo – SEE VIDEO HERE


The U1TA, quite simply is the world’s first acoustic upright piano capable of sounding like a concert grand piano, with a sound and versatility that traditional classical piano customers and forward-thinking keyboard players can truly appreciate.


Transducer inside Yamaha TransAcoustic piano – Fresno Piano Gallery

This exciting addition to Yamaha’s growing technology-equipped piano family is built on the legacy of Yamaha’s immensely popular U1 piano, and uses all elements of the acoustic piano to augment digitally generated sounds in the full sound spectrum, without the use of traditional speakers and amps. To accomplish this feat, Yamaha has positioned two specially designed transducers near the instrument’s soundboard bridges, without having them physically touch (or exert any weight on) the soundboard, ensuring no adverse effect on the piano tone. The soundboard–in fact, the entire piano–effectively becomes one giant speaker, producing the acoustic fields and natural sounding tonal characteristics of an acoustic piano. This is particularly evident when the physical resonance of the strings enhances the digitally sampled sound of Yamaha’s flagship concert grand—the CFX—creating a stunningly realistic grand piano experience that is uniquely pleasing to the ear in the footprint of a 48” upright. The result is an acoustic instrument possessing a massive 3D sound that not only envelops the player just as a conventional grand piano would, but also can be fully adjusted—for the first time—with a volume control, or enjoyed in the privacy of headphones. Here is a video showing the new Yamaha TransAcoustic technology: