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The mission of Fresno Piano Gallery is to enrich the lives of our clients by providing quality music education and products at reasonable prices, and to exceed their expectations by providing excellent service and a memorable positive experience dealing with our company. We are proud to be an advocate of music in our communities and to promote and support the arts.


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7194 N. Abby Street
Fresno, CA 93720

We are located near Riverpark Costco next to Costco gas.

Mon-Fri ......... 10am - 7pm
Saturday ....... 10am - 6pm
Sunday .......... 12pm - 5pm


We are conveniently located in Fresno, CA by Costco in Riverpark next to the Costco Gas Station.

Directions from Hwy 41:

From Highway 41 exit at Herndon Avenue. Head West to the next major street which is Blackstone Avenue. Head North about ¼ of a mile to Spruce. Turn right on Spruce to four-way stop sign. At the four-way stop turn left and take an immediate right. Fresno Piano Gallery is the building to your right.

From Hwy 99:

Exit at Herndon. Head East on Herndon approximately 9 miles to Blackstone Avenue. Head North about ¼ of a mile to Spruce. Turn right on Spruce to four-way stop sign. At the four-way stop turn left and take an immediate right. Fresno Piano Gallery is the building to your right

ABOUT: Testimonials

Vera Kotenkov, a local piano teacher in Fresno, CA, speaks about the importance of a quality instrument and the benefits of learning to play the piano.

Michelle telling us about her Clavinova.

Julie Martin, a local piano teacher.

Dear Jim,

My son Adrian and I from San Luis Obispo were in your store last Saturday and bought a Yamaha U1 piano. I just wanted to let you know that the piano is now nicely sitting in our home. Now we just have to wait a couple of weeks to tune it. The guys who delivered the piano yesterday did an excellent job. They were there when they say they would be, put the piano where we wanted, and were very respectful, informative, and efficient. We also had a great time visiting your store. All in all, a great experience buying our piano from you. Our trip to Fresno was definitely worth it :-)

We hope to see you again in a couple of years when we upgrade to a grand.


Hello Jim,

As you know, my wife and I have been searching for almost a year in trying to find just the right piano for our home. We have searched eBay, other web sites, and were in a quandary as to what to choose and where to purchase. The pitfalls of eBay are, of course, too numerous to mention. Most of the pianos listed were owned by persons who had no clue as to the history of the instrument, nor were they certain about its upkeep.

Then we simply decided to try to find something locally. Behold, we happened to find the Fresno Piano Gallery. We knew we were not in a position even to consider buying new. So we headed for your "used" gallery. What a find it was! It was a Sunday, and we did not expect a response, but inquired about two Yamaha pianos that were listed on the site. (Yamaha has always been our first choice because of its reputation, solid build and tonal qualities.)

Much to our surprise it was only a few minutes until we received an answer. We decided to hop in the car and drive to Fresno after calling ahead to check to be certain that you were open and would be available. What a pleasant surprise awaited us. Jim greeted us warmly, answered all our questions and afforded us the luxury of leisurely looking and discovering. The showroom is beautiful and we were treated so very warmly, that we decided to purchase our used Yamaha on the spot. It was truly a one-of-a-kind with a full disclosure of its history and how it had been maintained. It was a marriage made in heaven, to use the old cliche.

We feel so fortunate to have found the Fresno Piano Gallery and Jim Fishback. We are looking forward to many years of piano bliss in our humble abode. Thank you Jim, for your kindness, your courtesy and your expertise. Your business in our area is a blessing and we feel fortunate to have found a new friend in you and new friends in your staff.

May your future be bright with continued success,

Terry and Sandy Pitts
Visalia, CA

Hi Jim,

It is nice to share with you my excitement at having my new piano, the Yamaha N1. I'm so glad you kept explaining to me that I'd be happier in the long run with this piano than the NU1. I'm so happy with it. I am also very happy with the bench, I wasn't expecting one so nice.

My music sounds so much more beautiful with this instrument, it's a thrill to play. I can't wait to get my piano teacher on it, as he has told me that he's a purest and, although this piano is wonderful for me, he would only want an acoustic piano for himself. We know better, don't we, Jim! He's in for a surprise! I do have a question. Is it possible to raise the petals a little higher? I'm 5'1."

Visalia, CA

Dear Jim:

We had a plastic's fire the night of February 12, 2014 that resulted in plastic smoke damage to our entire home as well as our baby grand piano. Who would have thought my cold-call to you asking if you knew of a professional that could assess our baby grand piano for insurance purposes would end up resulting in our future decisions. And an added plus was meeting Jane Edwards Kimball, Registered Piano Technician [RPT]....she was 110% professional as well.

Jane assessed our old baby grand and it was determined that the insurance company was going to replace our piano with a new piano since the future performance of the old baby grand would be undetermined. Your expertise in walking us through this process was amazing. You even back off when I needed a week to think and grieve over the loss of my first baby grand bought by my husband. This time allowed me to put things into perspective of what would work exactly for our home.

You helped us walk through the maze of insurance issues, giving us guidance and letting us decide what was perfect for our home. We decided on the Yamaha 5' 3" Baby Grand [GC1M], Polished Ebony.

April 2, 2014, Wednesday was delivery day. We MADE the right decision. Your piano movers were friendly, working skillfully and carefully in removing our old baby grand and bringing in our new Yamaha.

You were right!!!! The tone and the musical sound of the Yamaha knocks it "out of the park" and we couldn't be happier with our decision. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and your staff...."1st Class" all the way from beginning of that phone call to delivery of our BEAUTIFUL Yamaha Piano!

Feeling VERY Blessed,

Oran and Sherry Wallis
Clovis, CA

My family has always had a love for music. I was excited when I happened upon the Fresno Piano Gallery while intending to go to Costco. I went in just to "look around" with future hopes of owning a piano. I was speechless when I discovered the amazing technology of Yamaha's Disklavier Piano. It gave me chills as I heard the piano play and as I watched the original artist on T.V. perform it at the same time. It was like watching it live, her own personal key touch and pedal movements came alive through the piano. I knew then that even if I never learned to play the piano I would have a lifetime of enjoyment just listening to it play. Our 9 year old son is taking lessons and it has helped improve his focus. I can see the joy on his face when he accomplishes a new song. Our time is spent more productively as we learn to read and play music. We have opened a new door for our child's creativity and I can't wait to see how it blossoms! Thank you Jim Fishback for the Fresno Piano Gallery and your outstanding customer service!

The Hull Family
Clovis, CA

I went to Fresno piano gallery to check out their new location today and see what kind of selections they have. I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of pianos that they carry. There's no where else in Fresno to compare their piano selection to. Although I was just browsing, I did notice that the staff was very knowledgeable about the pianos they carry. The staff also showed me that they have player pianos that can play a variety of music from selected radio stations.

Overall I would definitely purchase my next piano here. The service is spot on and the prices seemed reasonable for brands like Yamaha and Steinway.

Alisha R.
San Francisco, CA

Amazing service! Highly recommended for any of your piano needs. 5 stars! *****

Key P.
Fresno, CA

I recently purchased a Yamaha Grand Piano from Fresno Piano Gallery. I found the prices to be fair, the service honest, knowledgeable and excellent and the follow through great! I also appreciated their attention to detail when delivering the piano to my home. I have been very happy with my experience and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new or used piano.

Kris B.
Visalia, CA

Several weeks ago I went into Fresno Piano Gallery to look...for fun! I spent a long time looking at all the pianos and listening to Troy (a salesman there) play each one so beautifully and talk about his love of music. The whole experience was fun but something else happened. By the time I left the store, I realized that, somehow, someday, I had to bring a Yamaha piano home. I took my husband, Ken, back to the store. I wondered if he would have the same emotional reaction that I had to the incredible sound of these instruments. We went back a third time. This time we met with the owner, Jim. He showed us a fantastic pre-owned satin black Yamaha C1 with a Mark IV disklavier. He told us all about the different models and answered all our questions. The C1 had been there before but for some reason, I did not notice the first two visits. I listened to Jim play that C1 and almost instantly I realized this was, somehow, supposed to be mine! It was fantastic. Well, long story short...I have it. We traded in our old piano and were able to make a wonderful deal for this new one. This piano is perfect in every way and more. While I was deciding to buy this piano they received another pre-owned , gorgeous Yamaha grand that I am sure won't last long. The selection in this store is fantastic. To top off all of this, Yamaha has a wonderful program in case we would want to trade up any time in the next 10 years! I cannot imagine that right now but it is there and available in case we decide to do it. We have already recommended this store to our friends and will continue to do so. Jim, the owner is very nice, honest, helpful and knowledgeable as well at his very competent staff. It is a great store. Fresno and Yamaha is lucky to have them!

Cherie P.
Clovis, CA

I went in on Wednesday last to get a piano for my son. I've been shopping around since we're new to the area and this has so far been the best place. Nick the salesman was pleasant and knowledgeable and I didn't feel like he was throwing musical jargon at me to impress me. I'm definitely going back and recommending to friends!!

Maryam M.
Fresno, CA

We were out looking around for an upright piano for our home and found this gallery near Costco at River Park. Great business to deal with! The floor workers are very knowledgeable and helpful. Their room in the back is set up for concert performances using a big screen TV where a performer thousand miles away could be playing on the player piano in the room. They have so many new piano's that have technology that floored us. They have a piano that will light up the keys to help you learn to play! For anyone who likes music this is the "go to place!”

Brenda R.
Clovis, CA

Just bought a new Yamaha U1 and am loving it! Great expertise and patience as I worked through a number of different models and payment options. Thanks for all your help Troy. Delivery and set up was also handled very professionally and my trade in price was very fair and done with honesty and integrity.

Brian J.
Visalia, CA

This is the best place to buy a piano in Fresno CA. The owner and his staff are amazing. We are truly happy with the first piano we bought. They helped us choose what piano to buy by explaining the distinct features of each piano.

Service is great! They delivered the piano on the same day we purchased it. We are completely satisfied. If you are looking for a piano this is the place. We highly recommend it. More power Fresno Piano Gallery!

Alexander P.
Fresno, CA

This is a great place to purchase a new piano. I bought a baby grand piano April 26, 2013, and had it delivered April 30, 2013. It is wonderful to play and has beautiful sound. The owner was very knowledgeable, helpful and it was nice working with him. The store is relatively new, and they have a good selection of pianos. I really liked the experience of buying my new piano, and the staff involved in delivery was very good with moving my old piano out and the new one in. Great job!

Shelly A.
Fresno, CA

Great Prices, Great Selection, Great Customer Service. Made our first Piano purchase possible and enjoyable.

Richard R.
Fresno, CA

We bought the Yamaha baby grand piano for our 2 boys to improve their playing skills. I had a price range in mind before I walked in. Jim is very nice and professional. He answered my questions and worked hard to meet my price target. The delivery is quick and hassle free. I am very satisfied with the experience I had with Fresno Piano Gallery, and recommend it to all of you.

Lily Z.
Clovis, CA

I recently purchased a Yamaha Studio Piano from Jim at Fresno Piano Gallery. I walked in with a price range in mind, Jim was able to show me several pianos and explain the differences. He is very knowledgable and answered all my questions. I purchased a beautiful, great sounding, quality piano. Delivery was fast and easy. I recommend Fresno Piano Gallery to anyone who is looking to purchase a piano

Mike G.
Kingsburg, CA

I've been flirting with the idea of buying a Yamaha AvantGrand hybrid piano, and based on a recommendation I contacted Jim.

He was very good at communicating his progress at getting the piano from Yamaha. When he had it set up, I spent a couple of hours in the store trying it out.

I told Jim that the only way this would work for me was if it were "magic" - my old piano had to magically disappear and the new one be in its place with minimum hassle or disruption on my part. This was complicated by the fact that I live in an upstairs apartment up a 19 step flight of stairs. And I live in Pismo Beach, a 3 hour drive from Fresno.

And he did it.

He and the guys from B & L Piano Moving swapped the new piano in and the old one out. And it was done. Quickly and cleanly. At a very fair price.

These are good people to do business with.

Jane F.
Pismo Beach, CA

This store has a very modern, warm, comfortable environment and the features on some of the Yamaha pianos really blow you away!

Daniel F.
Fresno, CA

I am so pleased! Finally! A company who gets it! Thanks for a wonderful piano shopping experience. I am being transferred to Visalia and when my stuff arrives next month, my first purchase will be the wonderful Yamaha you showed me today. Been to about 6 piano stores and never felt comfortable until now. Thank you!

Lisa R.
Visalia, CA

I appreciate your having presented my problem to Yamaha. They sent a technician who was able to diagnose and repair the issue I was having with the lower bass keys.

Even though the piano is past its warranty period, they took care of the problem at no charge to me.

Thank you for your help and follow-through in getting my problem resolved. I appreciate the service long after the sale!

Best wishes,

Pismo Beach, CA